Sharing and sharing with young chefs at the 13th Rencontre des Chefs de Traiteurs de France

Every year, Traiteurs de France organizes culinary gatherings to encourage collaboration between chefs and promote a sustainable approach to French event gastronomy. The theme of the 13th Rencontre des Chefs was the preservation of ocean resources.

During the event, chefs were able to take part in conferences, visit the Quimper fish market, meet a committed skipper and discover innovative solutions thanks to the #ChefLabTDF. The aim of the meeting was to highlight the power of the collective and the importance of working together to meet the sustainable challenges facing the French event gastronomy sector.

Traiteurs de France’s member houses have redoubled their creativity to come up with signature sweet and savoury land & sea recipes, incorporating seaweed in particular. The chefs have surrounded themselves with young students from the Lycée des Métiers Le Paraclet in Quimper, as well as three innovation clusters and a start-up from the sustainable food platform.

The chefs also highlighted sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact. Practices include promoting seafood products from responsible, sustainable fishing, limiting food waste by redistributing uneaten food, favoring local producers to limit greenhouse gas emissions, avoiding the use of disposable products and implementing responsible waste management by recycling.

The chefs have created signature seaweed-based dishes such as breaded veal sweetbreads and snacked langoustine with a savory seaweed and lemon confit condiment, black poultry from Brittany sublimated by a sea lettuce insert, turnip pickles, poultry jus gel and blossom flowers, and vanilla-marinated watercolor scallops with buckwheat nougatine and praline cream. These dishes were much appreciated by the participants, who were able to discover new and original flavors while helping to protect the environment.

We’re proud to have taken part in this event, and to be part of a network committed to sustainable gastronomy. We will continue to implement responsible practices and use sustainable ingredients to protect our planet while offering unique culinary experiences to our customers. We would like to thank Les Traiteurs de France for organizing this event, and look forward to participating in future initiatives of this kind.

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